Tenant shall faithfully observe and comply with the following Rules and Regulations:

  1. Tenant, its servants, employees, customers, invitees, and guests shall not obstruct sidewalks, entrances, passages, corridors, vestibules, halls, elevators, or stairways in and about the Building which are used in common with other tenants and their servants, employees, customers, guests, and invitees, and which are not a part of the Premises of Tenant. Tenant shall not place objects against glass partitions or doors or windows which would be unsightly from the Building corridors or from the exterior of the Building and will promptly remove any such objects upon notice from Landlord.
  2. Plumbing, fixtures and appliances shall be used only for the purposes for which designed, and no sweeping, rubbish, rags or other unsuitable material shall be thrown or deposited therein. Damage resulting to any such fixtures or appliances from misuse by a tenant or its agents, employees or invitees, shall be paid by such tenant, and Landlord will not in any case be responsible therefore.
  3. Except as otherwise provided in the Lease or any exhibits thereto, no signs, advertisements or notices shall be painted or affixed on or to any windows or doors or other part of the Building without the prior written consent of Landlord. Landlord shall have the right to prohibit any advertising by Tenant which in Landlord's reasonable opinion tends to impair the reputation of the Building or its desirability as a building for office use, and upon written notice from Landlord, Tenant shall refrain from or discontinue such advertising. No curtains or other window treatments shall be placed between the glass and the Building standard window treatments. No awning or other projection shall be attached to the outside walls of the Building. Canvassing, soliciting, and peddling in the Building is prohibited and each tenant shall cooperate to prevent the same.
  4. Tenant, its servants, employees, customers, invitees, and guests shall not smoke in the Building. The Landlord approved designated smoking area for the Building is level three of the garage, which smoking area may be relocated or removed at Landlord’s reasonable discretion upon thirty (30) days’ prior notice to Tenant. In no instance shall Tenant, its servants, employees, customers, invitees, or guests smoke within twenty-five (25) feet of any Building entry or exit doors, wheel chair ramps serving the Building, operable windows, or fresh air intake vents.
  5. Movement in or out of the Building of furniture or office equipment, or dispatch or receipt by tenants of any bulky material, merchandise or materials which require use of stairways, or movement through the Building entrances or lobby shall be in such a manner as Landlord may reasonably require. Each tenant assumes all risks of and shall be liable for all damage to articles moved and injury to persons or public engaged or not engaged in such movement, including equipment, property and personnel of Landlord if damaged or injured as a result of acts in connection with carrying out this service for such tenant from the time of entering the property to completion of work and Landlord will not be liable for acts of any person engaged in, or any damage or loss to any of the property or persons resulting from, any act in connection with such service performed for a tenant.
  6. All safes, equipment, or other heavy articles shall be carried in or out of the Premises or Building only at such time and in such manner as shall be prescribed in writing by Landlord, and Landlord shall in all cases have the right to specify the proper position of any such safe, equipment, or other heavy article, which shall only be used by Tenant in a manner which will not interfere with or cause damage to the Premises or the Building in which they are located, or to the other tenants or occupants of the Building. Tenant shall be responsible for any damage to the Building or the property of its employees or others and injuries sustained by any person whomsoever resulting from the use or moving of such articles in or out of the Premises and shall make all repairs and improvements required by Landlord or governmental authorities in connection with the use or moving of such articles.
  7. Landlord may prescribe weight limitations and determine the locations for safes and other heavy equipment or items, which shall in all cases be placed in the Building so as to distribute weight in a manner acceptable to Landlord which may include the use of such supporting devices as Landlord may require. All damages to the Building caused by the installation or removal of any property of a tenant or done by a tenant’s property while in the Building, shall be repaired at the expense of such tenant.
  8. Corridor doors, when not in use, shall be kept closed. Nothing shall be swept or thrown into the corridors, halls, or stairways. No birds, pets or animals shall be brought into or kept in, on or about any tenant’s Premises. No portion of any tenant’s Premises or the Building shall at any time be used or occupied as sleeping or lodging quarters. No bicycle or other vehicle shall be allowed in offices, halls, corridors, or elsewhere in the building, except as required by law.
  9. Tenant shall cooperate with Landlord’s employees in keeping its leased Premises neat and clean. Tenant shall not employ any person for the purpose of such cleaning other than the Building’s cleaning and maintenance personnel which Landlord has previously approved.
  10. Floor penetration locations and sizes must be approved by Landlord prior to installation.
  11. Tenant shall not make or permit any vibration or improper, objectionable or unpleasant noises or odors in the Building or otherwise interfere in any way with other tenants or persons having business with them.
  12. Landlord shall not be responsible for lost or stolen personal property, money or jewelry from any tenant’s premises or public or common areas or parking areas regardless of whether such loss occurs when the area is locked against entry or not. Tenant assumes full responsibility for protecting its space from theft, robbery, and pilferage, which includes keeping doors locked and other means of entry to the Premises closed and secured after Normal Building Hours. All entrance doors to the Premises shall be locked when the Premises are not in use.
  13. All vehicles are to be currently licensed, in good operating condition, parked for business purposes having to do with Tenant’s business operated in the Premises, parked within designated parking spaces, one vehicle to each space. No vehicle shall be parked as a “billboard” vehicle in the parking lot. Any vehicle parked improperly may be towed away. Tenant, Tenant’s agents, employees, vendors and customers who do not operate or park their vehicles as required shall subject the vehicle to being towed at the expense of the owner or driver. Landlord may place a “boot” on the vehicle to immobilize it and may levy a charge of $50.00 to remove the “boot.” Tenant shall indemnify, hold and save harmless Landlord of any liability arising from the towing or booting of any vehicles belonging to Tenant or its agents, employees or contractors.
  14. No machinery of any kind (other than normal office equipment) shall be operated by any tenant in its premises without Landlord’s prior written consent, nor shall any tenant use or keep in the Building any flammable or explosive fluid or substance (other than typical office supplies [e.g., photocopier toner] used in compliance with all Laws).
  15. No tenant may enter into electrical rooms, mechanical rooms, or other service areas of the Building unless accompanied by Landlord or the Building manager; provided that Tenant shall have access to the intermediate distribution frames closets on a 24-hour, seven day a week basis.
  16. Tenant shall not conduct any activity on or about the Premises or the Building which will draw pickets, demonstrators, or the like, provided that the foregoing shall not apply to Tenant’s ordinary business activities.
  17. Tenant shall give immediate notice to Landlord in case of any known emergency at the Premises, the Building, the Garage, and the Land under and associated with the foregoing.
  18. Any carpeting glued down by Tenant shall be installed with a releasable adhesive. In the event of a violation of the foregoing by Tenant, Landlord may charge the reasonable expense incurred by such removal to Tenant at the expiration or prior termination of the Lease.
  19. No new electric panels or transformers for any purpose shall be brought into the leased Premises without Landlord's written permission specifying the manner in which same may be done.
  20. Tenant shall not waste electricity, water, or air conditioning and shall cooperate fully with Landlord to insure the most effective operation of the Building's heating and air conditioning systems and shall refrain from attempting to adjust any controls other than unlocked room thermostats, if any, installed for Tenant's use. Tenant shall keep corridor doors closed.
  21. In no event shall Tenant bring into the Building firearms, flammables, such as gasoline, kerosene, naphtha and benzene, or explosives, or any other article of intrinsically dangerous nature. If, by reason of the failure of Tenant to comply with the provisions of this subparagraph, any insurance premium for all or any part of the Building shall at any time be increased, Tenant shall make immediate payment of the whole of the increased insurance premium, without waiver of any of Landlord's other rights at law or in equity for Tenant's breach of this Lease.
  22. Tenant shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and municipal laws, ordinances, and regulations, and building rules and shall not directly or indirectly make any use of the Premises which may be prohibited by any of the foregoing or which may be dangerous to persons or property or may increase the cost of insurance or require additional insurance coverage.
  23. Tenant and visitors of Tenant shall have the right to operate microwave ovens, refrigerators, ice makers, vending machines and coffee makers exclusively for the benefit of its employees and visitors.
  24. Tenant and Tenant's servants, employees, agents, visitors, and licensees shall observe faithfully and comply in all material respects with the foregoing Rules and Regulations and such other and further appropriate rules and regulations as Landlord or Landlord's agent may from time to time reasonably adopt, provided, that same do not conflict with or limit the rights of Tenant pursuant to the Lease.
  25. Landlord reserves the right to rescind any of these Rules and Regulations and to make such other further Rules and Regulations as in its judgment will from time to time be needful for the safety, protection, efficiency, care and cleanliness of the Premises, Building, the Garage, and the Land, the operation thereof, the preservation of good order therein, and the protection and comfort of the tenants and their agents, employees, licensees and invitees, which Rules and Regulations, when made and written notice thereof if given to a tenant, shall be binding upon it in like manner as if originally set forth herein, provided, that same do not conflict with or limit the rights of Tenant pursuant to the Lease.

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